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are the refill pouches recyclable?

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great question! we put a lot of thought into this packaging, so we’re glad to see it getting some attention.

an ecological impact calculation was performed on several packaging options by a Swiss company (Migros) that makes food products. it concluded that the pouch had one seventh the ecological impact than an equivalent-volume PET bottle even if this bottle was assumed to be recycled 80% of the time. given that Australia recycling rates are far lower than this, the degree of favorability is even higher. the reason for this is that the packaging weight of the pouch is drastically lower than for the PET bottle, with the result that all of the material, water, air and energy inputs in the production, manufacturing process, transportation, usage and retail are scaled down significantly for the pouch.

the pouch is the resoundingly preferable packaging option; however, it is clearly not perfect. the ideal solution would be a version of the pouch that is recyclable. method is currently pursuing this option and hopes to eventually replace the current pouch.

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