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smarty dish is leaving a white film on my dishes. what should I do?

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although smarty dish works with 95% of water in the US, the white film is a common problem in areas with hard water.
the fastest way to remove the film and "batch treat" the dishes will require that you keep an eye on the dishwasher while you do the following: load the dishwasher in the normal way, start it (regular load) and allow it to run through the pre-wash cycle and drain. when you hear it start to refill with water, stop it, open and dump in a cup or two of white vinegar. run. repeat if necessary. you can also wash the articles in a stainless steel sink or in a plastic laundry room sink (NO ENAMEL, NO PORCELAIN) by putting white vinegar on a sponge and wiping them with the sponge followed by a short rinse. the point is to use the vinegar undiluted, but not allow it to sit for too long.  
another solution is to use vinegar as a rinse aid. it will provide just enough surfactancy to lower the surface tension of the rinse water, allowing it to run off in a ‘sheet’ rather than in rivulets and thereby reduce spotting and filming. the acidity of vinegar will counteract particulates in the water. going forward, you will want to add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to each load to avoid mineral buildup if you decide to continue using Smarty Dish.

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