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is method safe to use around children?

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yes. surfaces cleaned with method, including high chairs and/or bathtubs, are absolutely safe for contact by children. method does not leave behind any toxic or harmful fumes or residues, as it does not contain hazardous ingredients.

like all cleaning formulas, method should not be ingested. prolonged exposure to the skin may cause minor irritation and should simply be washed off with water. if method gets in the eyes, it may cause slight irritation, which should be treated by flushing the eyes thoroughly with water. if one of our products is swallowed, simply dilute with a glass of milk or water and consult your doctor. if one of our ultra concentrated products, such as method laundry detergent, fabric softener or dilutable cleaner, is swallowed, dilute with a glass of milk or water and call your doctor or a poison control center immediately.


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