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are method fragrances natural or synthetic?

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method fragrances contain both natural essential oils and synthetic components. at method, we work closely with our fragrance houses to develop innovative aromatic experiences that exceed the strict internal health and environmental standards we have for all of our ingredients. in the development of a fragrance, like any other component of a product, the materials must be healthy in all respects – for people and pets, for the homes in which they are used, and in the environment. any material that is used in a method fragrance must meet this minimum to even be considered as a formulation component. specifically, all fragrance materials must be shown to be non-irritating, non-toxic and non-allergenic, and must be fully biodegradable.

our fragrance blends contain both essential oils from natural sources and complementary components that are man-made. the essential oils are selected to best capture the essence of natural scents, while the man-made materials are selected to deliver the broadest possible palette of aromas by enhancing or complementing the natural oils. materials from either origin are healthy, environmentally friendly and have been responsibly produced.

like all of our ingredients, all of our fragrances are reviewed by an independent research institute ( and assessed as part of our Cradle to Cradle certification.

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