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I saw Goop’s article that included low method ratings from the Environmental Working Group. Can you clear this up?

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We’re sorry if Goop’s newsletter or the EWG ratings left you feeling confused or concerned about any of our products. We, too, were very surprised and disappointed to see low grades assigned to many of our products by the EWG, given our commitment and innovation in developing effective, non-toxic products that are safe for people, pets and the planet. the EWG ratings system, although noble in its effort to provide meaningful product safety ratings to shoppers, is incomplete and too broad, which results in misleading conclusions. We believe in what the EWG wants to do. Where we don’t align is how they are going about it, from a scientific perspective.
The Goop article mentions phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde donors. method’s dirty ingredient list specifically prohibits these ingredients, so you will never find them in our fragrances or formulas. When you look closely at EWG’s ratings, you will see many inaccuracies. Our dish soap is rated F because of a non-specific preservative, however we list all of our preservatives on the package and website. EWG’s website also falsely lists that our handwash contains cocamide DEA. The website even docks our free and clear laundry detergent, a product designed to be free of fragrances and dyes, for fragrance concerns. All of our ingredients are reviewed by a third-party scientific organization, MBDC (, for over 20 environmental and health concerns; if an ingredient has any potential for concern, we do not use it.
We firmly agree that the U. S. government should better regulate chemicals in household cleaning products. That is why method has supported national chemical reform since 2001, and we’ve pushed for chemical reform every year since. Companies are also not required to disclose ingredients on our products, but method has voluntarily chosen to disclose all of our ingredients on our web site and on our product labels.
We continue to try and work with the EWG to update incorrect information they use to inform their ratings. A better indicator of our commitment to product safety and sustainability is our Cradle to Cradle® certification, which we consider to be the highest standard available and includes extensive measures for safety, toxicity and environmental impact. 

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