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how is it that such a little bit of your laundry detergent works?

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we redesigned laundry detergent so it works in a whole new way. getting your clothes clean requires cleaning agents (aka surfactants). surfactants bond to dirt and stains in the wash, lifting them up to be carried away by water.

traditional detergent’s cleaning agents are on the inside and water is on the outside.

  • for these cleaning agents to work, they have to break open to release the surfactants
  • this requires agitation and time… and is a little hit-or-miss… not all surfactants break through which means you use (and waste) more detergent than you really need

our SmartClean Technology™ formula is designed to be inside-out with cleaning agents outside, water inside.

  • this allows cleaning agents to get to work right away – once released into the wash, they’re like magnets immediately drawn to dirt and stains, so there’s less agitation and time required for contact
  • and unlike traditional detergent, more of our cleaning agents are used, that’s why you can use so much less and still get a great clean!
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