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Why do you use optical brighteners

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we strive to keep clothes as clean + bright as possible, and optical brighteners can be safe, effective ingredients in laundry detergents. brighteners maintain the whiteness of fabrics by preventing them from yellowing over time, improving their appearance and extending their useful lives.

due to health + environmental concerns about conventional brighteners, we asked the scientists at EPEA to assess tinopal, the brightener in method® laundry. they found it to be readily biodegradable after photo-oxidation, nonirritating to skin and non-toxic to people and waterways – in short, that it is an environmentally compatible ingredient.

although it’s non-toxic and safe in the environment, our brightener isn’t a true Cradle to Cradle® ingredient because it’s not made from renewable resources. however, this ingredient is used at extremely low levels (present at 0.02%) and our ultra-concentrated, 95% plant based detergent consumes 40% less energy to make and ship than conventional 2x detergents. therefore, we save over 5,000 times the amount of petroleum than would be consumed if we used a standard 2x formula.

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